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The programs allow participants to develop their personal skills through interview experience, onstage presentation, meeting new people with similar interests and developing interpersonal skills. The competition is open to entrants aged 16-19 years at the time of the local show. This competition is open to residents of NSW and Victoria

Each Finalist will be judged based on the criteria below.


1. Open to ambassadors aged between 16 and 19 years on the day of their local Show/field day

Judging Criteria:

1. Community and Local Show/Field Day Involvement (20 Points) ? Entrants must demonstrate an active involvement and a desire to be involved in the future and improvement of their local community and Show society.

2. General and Rural Knowledge (20 Points) ? Entrants must demonstrate a broad general knowledge and an awareness of local community issues. Entrant must also have an understanding of current affairs relating to rural life and industry.

3. Personality and Confidence (10 Points) ? Personality Traits consistent with both the awards and the entrant?s ambitions and goals will be assessed (e.g. enthusiasm, creativity, confidence, leadership).

4. Ambitions/Goals (20 Points) - Each Entrant?s ambitions and goals will be assessed on their integrity and relevance to the awards. Entrants must demonstrate steps towards achieving their goal.

5. Communication Skills (20 Points) ? Entrants are expected to demonstrate effective communication skills ? written, oral and interpersonal.

6. Presentation and Grooming (10 Points) ? Entrant?s presentation will be assessed according to the suitability of their attire and conduct in a range of contexts.

For more information about the VAS Rural Ambassador Award click here.

Berrigan is part of the Goulburn Valley Riverina Shows Association (GVRSA) Group for the Junior Show Ambassador Award. Entrants are judged at local level, the winner then goes on to compete in the GVRSA Group level in Shepparton, in April 2020. One winner is selected from the 10 affiliated GVRSA show societies to go on and represent GVRSA in the State Final held in late June early July every year at VASL State Convention


2017 - Eliza Purtell


2015 - Chantelle Gorman

2014 -

2013 -

2012 - Ian Condgon

2011 - Cassie Chatzidimitriou

2010 -

2009 - Jayde Yelland

2008 - Andrew Horne

2007 - Helen Kingham-Bradley

2006 - Andrew Horne

2007 - Erica Kingham-Bradley, GVRSA Group Winner & 2006 State Finalist.